Isaiah Morris
Content Creator // Visual Maker



Typically working in a highly collaborative manner with others, Isaiah Morris seeks to create immersive sensory experiences, that leave a lasting effect on oneself. Creating questions, sometimes providing answers. Engaging tangible and intangible mediums, to explore the ever increasing use of technology and digital mediums, and how this effects the landscape for human connection and creativity.

Isaiah Morris x Joel Cooper - Signal Screen Commission

Isaiah Morris x Rachel Hannah - Church Unite

Isaiah Morris - Yung ā€˜Nā€™ Sprung Group Exhibition. Featured in Acclaim Magazines top 5 must see exhibitions for that weekend.

Nasty Mars x Isaiah Morris: Unplugged. 1

Nasty Mars x Isaiah Morris: Unplugged. 2

Nasty Mars x Isaiah Morris: Unplugged. 3

Erica Wagner x Isaiah Morris - collaboration as part of No Vacancy Gallery's White Night celebrations.


#15SecondVibes. A weekly 15-second video series in 2015.